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ReturnOnTalent - Retain and Engage your employee

Discover What
nOnTalent SaaS Can
Do For Your Company

Find out how we can assist you in
achieving competitive advantage and
maximising your performance with your internal recruitment strategies.

Your employees can apply to Internal Opportunities all in One Place.

ReturnOnTalent - Employee Selection
ReturnOnTalent cuts turnover costs (100-200% of salary).

This is done by promoting internal mobility and retention and fostering continuous productivity. The internal opportunity marketplace encourages employee growth, enhances satisfaction, contributes to a positive culture, and reduces talent loss risk. This is what we call the Internal Opportunity Marketplace.
ReturnOnTalent - Internal Opportunity Marketplace
ReturnOnTalent - Talent Development & Retention
ReturnOnTalent - Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly
With Your Existing Systems

ReturnOnTalent seamlessly integrates with HRIS and ERP systems such as Workday and SAP SuccessFactors, ensuring a smooth process with high customisability aligned to unique organisational needs and facilitating swift implementation in harmony with company goals and culture.

The internal recruitment Process is automated
Within One Hour

Our platform cuts internal hiring time by 30%,
filling positions in an average of 26 days through
process automation.

  • HR Business Partners completed the task in 30 minutes
  • Hiring Managers streamlined job scope in 15 minutes
  • Endorsers completed endorsing candidates in 15 minutes
  • Internal Candidates apply in 30 minutes
This is a snippet of the interface and super user flow for the platform.

Help your teams achieve a positive 
Return On Investment


reduction in mis-hiring rate by hiring internally with endorsers involved

4 weeks

or less to fill a role compared to the average of 36 days

24 hours

saved by the HR team per hire by automating manual processes


cost savings per hire with reduction in HR hours and external recruitment fees

Source: Numbers presented are based on 6 months of company studies and follows industry average costs, salaries and recruitment fees.

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“We tapped on the team’s expertise to help our hiring efforts. They helped us to identify the right talents for the skills we needed and the attitude to match our culture. ”

ReturnOnTalent: Hideyuki Tanaka Endorser
Hideyuki Tanaka Endorser
Executive Director Roompie
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