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ReturnOnTalent Opportunity Marketplace

The Best Companies
Hire The Right People
And Retain Them

Simplify internal recruitment and talent retention with ReturnOnTalent
— all on one SaaS platform.

Hiring right and engaging employees affect
everyone in your company:

We have hundreds of employees. I wish there was a simpler way to manage their development and ensure they stay with us.
Samantha Preston, HR Director
3 years into the job and I’m ready for change. I wonder if there are vacancies on the design team? If not, it’s time to look elsewhere!
Malik Williams, Employee
I need to hire fast. The best people for the job are really those in our company, but I don’t know who they are. They already know our culture, practices, and standards.
Mabel Lim, Hiring Manager

Which is why ReturnOnTalent brings your people together in one space

Hire and build
teams fast 

For hiring managers
Streamline internal recruitment efforts. Let automation take over your manual tasks so you can focus on strategy and execution.
ReturnOnTalent - Internal Recruitment automation
ReturnOnTalent - Internal Career Advisor

Discover growth opportunities in  your company

For employees
Access relevant opportunites across the company with the right guidance and feedback from your trusted peers. 

Gain insights to identify and keep the best talent

For HR teams
Discover hidden talent within your company with insights on employees who are endorsed by their colleagues. Act on other data insights!
ReturnOnTalent - AI Leaver prediction

Your people will love ReturnOnTalent

ReturnOnTalent - Seamless process
Easy for
all to use
ReturnOnTalent - fast to set up and onboard
Fast to set up
and onboard
ReturnOnTalent - data security ensured
Data security
ReturnOnTalent - compliant with data privacy rules
Compliant with 
data privacy rules
ReturnOnTalent - Integration with current HRIS
Compatible with
favourite HR tools

Built on years of experience grounded in real-world HR practices

ReturnOnTalent - Emmauel White Founder

We built ReturnOnTalent on over 20 years of experience working in the HR and recruitment industry with the best companies globally.

It’s the best practices of recruitment condensed in one easy-to-use tool, without all the extra features that overcomplicate work.

At the heart of it, we believe that matching the right talent to the right opportunities helps companies to engage employees and retain them.

But playing matchmaker for your employees is a tough challenge.

And it requires valuable human insight and experience to get right.

So we set out to build software that taps on the best of automation and human expertise — software that works for you and with you.

Founder, ReturnOnTalent

“ReturnOnTalent’s team understands that it takes IQ and EQ to empower and help develop people in their careers. I appreciate that the software is putting people first.”

ReturnOnTalent - Endorser timothy lim
Timothy Lim
HR Manager, SOAR

“We tapped on the team’s expertise to help our hiring efforts. They helped us to identify the right talents for the skills we needed and the attitude to match our culture. Professional, effective and pragmatic.”

ReturnOnTalent - hideyuki tanaka endorser
Hideyuki Tanaka
Executive Director, Roompie

“They’ve built a simple and efficient tool without all the bells and whistles. It gets the job done without the complexities of typical enterprise software.”

ReturnOnTalent - kim jae hyuk endorser
Kim Jae Hyuk
Hiring Lead, Gucci Asia

Financial Impact on Your Company Return On Talent

$ 4'000'000

reduction in turnover cost through filling roles internally instead of losing talents to competitors*

$ 160'000

external recruitment cost savings by reducing the reliance on TA or external agency involvement*


​EBITDA impact from an overall improvement in profitability and reduced associated costs*

$ 20'000

annual productivity gain per employee due to improved project completion rates from a more agile workforce*

*Value is calculated For A 1000 Employee Company

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How Do We Differ From Another Platform

Endorsement-based Validation

Endorsements serve as a form
of social proof, valuable in
helping hiring managers make
more informed choices

Standalone Software

Seamlessly integrates with
existing internal systems
regardless of the software

Creating Talent Retention Pool

Identify endorsed talents worth retaining and implement a
retention management strategy

Platform Y

Skills-based Validation

A purely skills-based
assessment of the candidate, overlooking other aspects that
lack exact skills match

Legacy Software

Requires software
compatibility to exist already
with certain software only

Weak Retention Approach

Focused on preventing attrition
by identifying at-risk talent with
no strategy to retain them


ReturnOnTalent Small Logo
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Retain Talent. Drive Growth. Improve Profit.

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